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Corporate work

The unique style of Vladimir Pronin allows you to create works, which include some of the images of pictures. This can be seen in such works as «Italy. My impressions», «Union of Earth and Water», «White sea - pure beauty». In the same way were created corporate work, which reflected the different activities of firms-customers («CGE», «Kalashnikov») or landscapes typical for the city or country («Hoeschtadt», «Ingolstadt», «Bulgaria», «Astana - Alma-ATA). In the picture are often included emblems or symbols. This is a wonderful decoration of office, the idea for corporate gifts and promotional products.
Vladimir Pronin proposes to use his own style, his imagination and skill to create a corporate paintings for Your company. Works of the artist have a pronounced memorable style, able to attract the attention of the client.

Астана – Алма-Аты
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Работы в интерьере
Работы в интерьере
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